About Kriza

Manoj and Sarika, the creators of Kriza, began their quest in 2005 in Los Angeles, California. They started off owning a small chain of Aveda hair salons while also selling a variety of naturally derived hair, skin, and body products as well as providing in-salon services. Throughout their time as salon owners, their passion slowly grew to creating products of their own. 

As both Manoj and Sarika grew up in the Indian culture, natural remedies had always been the dominant form of medication. Kriza uses effective ingredients to create a formula that blends Indian philosophies with new innovative 21st century technologies in order to create beauty products that are made to fulfill the needs that we can help you with. As owners in the beauty industry, we learned that it is important to know what are inside the products we use on our body and how the ingredients impact the health and appearance of our skin. At Kriza, we strive to formulate products that include quality and powerful ingredients. 

Kriza’s philosophy is to design a product that is high-quality, naturally derived, and affordable. The result of large research efforts has allowed us to manufacture our products in the United Kingdom as their standards for artificial ingredients and chemicals are far more restrictive than other countries. We believe that with a more restrictive variety of beauty ingredients we are able to deliver brilliance that is functional, which has led us to invent a product line that is vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free.